Powerful, compact indoor shoe, breathable and super tacky on all hall floors.

Non-slip and compact indoor shoe by Oliver, new model 2018.
SAT 80 with the proven shock absorbing technology.
The light polyurethane foam of the EVA midsole offers durable cushioning properties and an optimum shock absorption.
The mid-foot area is supported by the cross-stabilizer out of polyplast, as well as a sturdy graphite inner sole.
The hi-quality mesh outer material is light and breathable, keeps dampness away from the foot and improves comfort.
Long-lasting natural rubber outer sole with extraordinary hold.
SAT 80 is delivered with an additional pair of show ties in orange, in order to give the shoe a dashing color variation.
The shoe offers a good fit and runs a bit larger than the last Oliver shoe models. It only runs about a half a size smaller than usual.